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​失败者的冥想  The Meditation of A Failure

The Meditation of A Failure_Qiu RuiQisss.jpg

I took a photo that failed to record the scene that the lens pointed to. So I increased the curve of the underexposed image by Photoshop. But, unfortunately, all I got is just a chaos of noise.

I printed it out, and I stood in front of the photo paper. I gazed at it. I closed my eyes. I looked down to the floor, and my eyes were avoiding the image. I got very close to it and observed the details slowly. I thought about it. I did not mind anything at the moment. I was silent. I banned my mouth from talking. I did not face the camera, which was the only channel to speak out to others while documenting the whole event.

Meanwhile, I was talking a lot. My soul! My body! At that moment! What happened? Did I know? Did I understand? Did I want it? Was it my peaceful? What is peace? Can you feel me?!

No, you cannot if I do not tell you anything. But you knew now because you saw my statement. It failed at the moment that you got a clue about it. Thus, the meditation failed. Everything is a failure, except failure, which is the only successful thing in this work. Eventually, I failed to fail. I was a failure, and only the printed picture experienced my meditation.

However, the photo that I showed is a copy of the original digital image. There is no connection between my meditation and this copy. The physical picture was unable to keep or to express any information about my meditation. Therefore, the unrelated copy just reflects the void and isolated relationships that an individual has to bear. 







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