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​凝视它  Gaze On It

Photography, Sculpture, Painting
Corrugated Paper

I made a sculpture of a vulva and a vagina that is obviously fake, imperfectly cut and shaped with discarded corrugated paper, and roughly painted red. I photoshopped the photo of the rough sculpture in the middle of a naked man’s photo which was taken in a studio with precise lighting.


The gaze aims to uncover a misconstruction of “Vagina”. Patriarchy bundles women into a rigid heterosexual relationship with men, and gazes at females as that they need to rely on the connection with males to be complete. In fact, it only reflects that patriarchy is the substance of the “Vagina” which is defined by patriarchy itself. The interpretation imposed on women and their organs is actually the truth of an inflated illusion of phallogocentrism.



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