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​无视觉摄影  Nonvisual Photography

2022 - Present
Photography, video, braille, text, music 

Project initiator: Qiu Rui Qi (Photographer, performer, English Braille Translator)


List of Co-authors:

Billy Raffin (Photographer, performer)

Ma Jian Ming (Photographer, performer, Chinese Braille Translator)

Li Su Pei (Consultant Programmer)

Gao Yi Fan (Documentary Photographer)

Peng Chu Dan (Documentary Photographer)

Chen Liu Ying (Documentary Photographer)

Liu Bo (Documentary Photographer)

List of contributors:

Fang Yi Dan

Wang Dou Di

Fan Lin Yun Qing


Nonvisual photography is an exploration of a nonvisual experience of photography to improve the disadvantages of engagement with photography for visually impaired people and increase awareness of visual impairment for sighted people.



It aims to design an artistic and supportive system built with diverse media that stimulate human’s multiple senses to enjoy photography through the transformation between media. 


The vision of this project is to offer a fair platform for visually impaired and sighted people to create and perceive photographs without involving human eyes. The experience of being involved in artistic and photographic activities is a way to meet visually impaired people's needs for visual art. At the same time, the non-visual experience can benefit sighted people by helping them understand their blind spot in recognising the world. Finally, with the promotion of the concept of Nonvisual  Photography, we hope that the limitations that visually impaired people face in photography could be reduced, and people would be encouraged to explore a unique way belonging to themselves to experience photography.


This project is currently being built based on all our members' volunteer work. Our members included both visually impaired people and sighted people.

We welcome support in any form and cooperation from individuals, organizations or institutions. 


If you would like to talk about the possibilities of cooperation, such as exhibition, workshop, volunteer, sponsorship or coordination, please contact:



The concept of this section is taking photographs without involving the photographer's eyes. It does not mean that photographers just simply click the shuttle randomly to get some photographs. The nonvisual photography practice aims to show an experience of thinking and enjoying photography seriously in an uncommon way for sighted people and encourage visually impaired people to share their experiences and thoughts about photography.

Documentary of Nonvisual Photography Part 1

Performers: Qiu Rui Qi, Billy Raffin

Documentary Photographers: Gao Yi Fan, Peng Chu Dan, Chen Liu Ying

Billy Raffin and Qiu Rui Qi both covered their eyes and tried to take a portrait of each other. They were in Melbourne's park around sunset time in 2022. Billy Raffin was speaking Spanish and Qiu Rui Qi was speaking Nanchangese (a dialect of Chinese), and they couldn't understand each other during the shooting. They tried to locate each other by the sound that they made.

Billy's Portrait (2022)

Co-authors: Qiu Rui Qi, Billy Raffin

Qiu Rui Qi covered her eyes and asked Billy Raffin to describe all the photographs that she had taken. Rui Qi also asked Billy to orally guide her to operate the computer and Photoshop to edit the photographs. After the edit, Rui Qi saw for the first time Billy Raffin's Portrait which she took without using her eyes.

Traces of the communication (2022)

Co-authors: Li Su Pei, Billy Raffin, Qiu Rui Qi

Li Su Pei helped to write a Python program to record the data of the mouse's movement on Rui Qi's computer. And, the program recorded the movement of the mouse while Billy Raffin was orally guiding Qiu Rui Qi in editing her photographs. The dots that the program recorded are the traces of the communication as well as the cooperation between two individuals.

Documentary of Nonvisual Photography Part 2

Performers: Ma Jian Ming, Qiu Rui Qi

Documentary Photographer: Liu Bo

Qiu Rui Qi closed her eyes during the shooting and Ma Jian Ming is a born blind Chinese man. They were in Beijing's park around the afternoon time in the summer of 2023. Jian Ming was taking a portrait of Rui Qi while Rui Qi was speaking Nanchangese (a dialect of Chinese). Jian Ming comes from the north of China and he can't understand Rui Qi's southern dialect. They tried to locate each other by the sound that they made.

Rui Qi's Portrait (2023)

Co-authors: Ma Jian Ming, Qiu Rui Qi

Qiu Rui Qi described all the photographs for Ma Jian Ming. Rui Qi explained the function of Photoshop to Jian Ming and she edited the photograph with the software for Jian Ming. He did not choose any blurry photograph or the person was not in a good position in the image.


The concept of this section is transforming photographs into text, and then translating the text into braille in different languages. There is no doubt that a person can shoot a great photograph without using her eyes. However, as the creator of the photograph, the photographer needs to feel and sense her own work. In this first step of the transformation of a photograph, the photographer can receive the information of her work through text. Also, with the printing of the braille, the photographer can enjoy her work with touch.


​The Description of Billy‘s Portrait (2022)

Describer: Billy Raffin

English Braille Translator: Qiu Rui Qi

The image depicts a semi-transparent woman with her eyes closed, and holding something in her hands. The image is layered, and there are various semi-transparent layers depicting a park, some trees, and grass. There is also another layer depicting a different image of the same woman, but in black and white and in negative (colours inverted).

枘崎的肖像文字描述 (2023)

​The Description of Ruiqi‘s Portrait

Describer: Qiu Rui Qi

Chinese Braille Translator: Ma Jian Ming


​A short-haired woman stood in the woods of a park while in the middle of the photograph. She wore a white T-shirt, green short pants and a watch in her left hand. The weather was cloudy, and the sky was blocked by the trees only a small area could be seen. In the distance, some strangers were passing by.

Screenshot 中文.png


The concept of this section is transforming the braille into music. With different rules for braille, the dots can be transformed into diverse kinds of music. Through music, many visually impaired people could enjoy their photographs with a sense organ that they are more familiar with. On the other hand, sighted people is also able to enjoy photographs via a method that they do not usually use. Finally, researching multiple ways of transforming braille into music would also be a worthy direction to benefit education in braille. Could we find some interesting methods to help visually impaired people learn braille through Nonvisual Photography?


It is the first try by Qiu Rui Qi on transforming braille into music. The rules are as simple as the image showing on the left side:


"Do" refer to dot 1 (the top dot on the left line of the braille)

"Re" refer to dot 2 (the middle dot on the left line of the braille)

"Mi" refer to dot 3 (the bottom dot on the left line of the braille)

"Fa" refer to dot 4 (the top dot on the right line of the braille)

"So" refer to dot 5 (the middle dot on the right line of the braille)

"La“ refer to dot 6 (the bottom dot on the right line of the braille)

”Si“ refer to the space between two groups of braille.

Two Portraits-A piece of music from Braille descriptionQiu Ruiqi
00:00 / 04:05

Two Portraits: A piece of music from Braille description (2024)

Author: Qiu Rui Qi

Qiu Rui Qi did not receive any training in music, she followed her intuition to organize the notes from the braille descriptions of two portraits to make a piano piece with software.

Billy's Portrait: Great Octave, left hand

Rui Qi's Portrait: Small Octave, right hand

Many More to Come

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