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​荆棘之脑  Brain of Thorns

Metal Wire
39cm x 32cm x 22 cm

The sculpture presents a metaphor for the integration of victim and attacker by the features of its material and the design of its artificial structure. It focuses on the awareness of trauma and the strategies of survival in both mental and physical damages. The hardness of the metal wire reflects the concreteness of our brain. On the other hand, the tenacity of the wire implies how flexible and intelligent a person can cope with challenges in life as well as the dendrites of neurons in the brain contain the potential of an individual.

The sharp spines of metal neurons would hurt the person who touches them without any protection on the hands. Conversely, If the person squeezes neurons with gloves, then the shape of the brain and the location of the spines can be easily twisted.

Where do the nerves absorb nutrients and get strength? Where could we lead ourselves?




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