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​乱与舞  The Frenzied Silence

Inkjet Printing
29.2 cm x 42.5 cm (each)
FS #1 5000pxls.jpg


FS #2 3000pxs.jpg


I edited a colour photograph of plants to monochrome. The adjustment of contrast, brightness, and curves hid details from the original. Then, the photo paper transformed the digital photograph into a 3D object which allows me to conduct the carving on the surface. Removing the black surface of the paper, the white layer is exposed by the carving tool, which echoes the colour feature of the black and white photograph.

I imitated the objects in the photograph, just as the camera simulates reality. Through this method, I abstractly retrieved the information that the black area of the photograph lost.  The carving traces hindered viewers from easily distinguishing the photograph from handcraft. It challenges our perception of the relationship between reality and photographs. My carving, even though it is the reality, may be concerned as fake and artificial traces within the photograph, yet the photograph itself became the standard of authenticity.

My hands were dancing while the photos were still, and my tools made a sound while the images were muted.


我模仿照片中的物体,就像相机模拟现实一样。通过这种方法,我抽象地找回了照片的黑色区域所丢失的信息。 雕刻的痕迹阻碍了观众轻易区分照片和手工。它挑战了我们对现实和照片之间关系的认知。我的雕刻,即使是现实,也可能被认为是照片中的虚假和人工痕迹,但照片本身却成为了真实性的标准。



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