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Qiong's Story

Because my family runs a business, I have been used to moving since I was a child. This sense of migration has been unconsciously reflected in the path of my life. When I grew up, I travelled farther than my parents, from Jiangxi to Shanghai to Beijing to Melbourne. Where will the next stop be? I’m not sure, but that’s okay, home is anywhere with the people you love.

I was mainly engaged in editing and planning work in China. After coming to Melbourne, I was determined to free my brain and return to the labor. But then, the choice of labor changed from active to passive. Due to the limitation of language and identity, it is difficult for me to get a job in Melbourne that matches my previous domestic experience. I saw a similar predicament in the book “Dreams of Flight: The Lives of Chinese Women Students in the West” written by Fran Martin, a professor at the University of Melbourne. As for how to get rid of this predicament, I am still trying.

For me, the beauty of Melbourne is that everyone is allowed to be in the way they identify with. Because of the city’s sense of boundaries and tolerance, my partner and I rarely realise we are a ’minority group.‘ Most of the time, we live like ordinary people, holding hands when we want to hold hands, and hugging when we want to hug. After all, LGBTIQA+ are ordinary people just like ordinary people!




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