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Harvey's Story

Before and during lockdown I had spent my time in Geelong. Geelong is the town I was born in and had spent most of my life in. I genuinely believed before lockdown that I was going to be in Geelong forever. But then COVID-19 happened and after some self-reflection, a broken relationship and realisation I needed to embrace the LGBTQIA+ scene, moving to Melbourne was the only option. During COVID I became accustomed to a lot of gay media and artists such as James Baldwin, Pedro Almodovar and Chantel Akerman. I began to resonate and understand these artists' struggles as they were my own. While my hometown is not against LGBTQIA+ expression, the scene is little to nothing.

I didn’t initially want to move to Mount Waverley but I find myself living here for about a year now and loving it! I openly wear the clothing and at times make up products I want to with no issues. I once read a book by Paulo Freire, discussing conscientizacao, moving to Mount Waverley and Melbourne has given me this knowledge talked about in the text. The deeper knowledge of myself and where I chose to be.

I think nostalgically of Geelong, but I am glad to have moved to the welcoming arms and community of Mount Waverley.

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